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How to Block My FirstBank ATM Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to block my firstbank atm card

How to Block My FirstBank ATM Card

First of all,

The good news is that blocking your FirstBank ATM card is an easy process, even if losing or misplacing your card can be a distressing event. We’ll walk you through the process of securely and swiftly blocking your FirstBank ATM card in Nigeria with this in-depth tutorial.

Step 1: Take Quick Action and Remain Calm
It’s critical to remain composed and take quick action as soon as you discover your FirstBank ATM card is missing. When it comes to protecting your money and stopping fraudulent transactions, time is the key.

how to block my firstbank atm card

Step 2: Get Card Details
Get the card number, account number, and any recent transactions you can remember that pertain to your ATM card. Having this knowledge at your disposal will speed up the blocking procedure.

Step 3: Speak with FirstBank Customer Service.
Making contact with FirstBank’s customer service is the fastest and most direct approach to blocking your ATM card. They may be reached at 0708 062 5000, which is their toll-free number. Be ready to provide the information required to authenticate your identity regarding your account and card.

Step 4: Use the FirstMobile App
Using FirstBank’s mobile banking app, FirstMobile App, is an additional efficient and practical way. To block your ATM card, sign in to your account on the app, go to the card management area, and click the block button.

Step 5: The Shortcode for SMS
For ATM card banning, FirstBank also offers an SMS shortcode. To text “BLOCK [Your Account Number] [Card Number]” to 30012, use this format. Suppose we have “BLOCK 1234567890 1234 5678 9012 3456.” Text it to 30012

how to block my firstbank atm card

Step 6: Go to the FirstBank Branch That’s Nearest You
Please visit the FirstBank branch closest to you right away if you are unable to use the aforementioned ways. Bring up the lost card with the customer support representative. Your ATM card might be blocked if you follow their instructions.

Step7: Keep an eye on your account
Checking your account for any unusual activity is crucial after barring your ATM card. Make frequent use of mobile apps or internet banking to review your transaction history to make sure there are no unauthorised transactions.

In summary

Although losing your ATM card can be concerning, FirstBank’s effective blocking techniques enable you to promptly safeguard your money. Recall to take quick action, take advantage of the channels at your disposal, and keep a close eye on your account.

You may protect your finances and stop unwanted access to your FirstBank account by following the procedures listed here. Please do not hesitate to contact FirstBank’s customer service for assistance if you have any more queries or worries.

how to block my firstbank atm card

Check out the official FirstBank website and their extensive guide on card security for further details and updates.

Recall that acting quickly is essential to lessening the effects of a lost or stolen ATM card. Use these easy-to-follow but powerful strategies to safeguard your financial security and be proactive.

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